Course Notes

Week 1: Introduction, websites and project management

An introduction to the module, schedule, assessment. Websites and using edublogs at UoB.

Week 2: Computer-Aided Design (Fusion 360)

Introducing parametric modelling.

Week 2: Computer-Aided Design (Solidworks)

Introducing parametric modelling.

Week 3: Laser cutter: computer-controlled cutting (CNC)

Introducing the laser cutter and 2D-3D assembly.

Week 4: Electronics production

Making our first circuit board.

Week 5: Electronics design

Designing, building and testing a circuit

Week 6: Embedded Programming

Programming microcontroller boards

Week 7: 3D printing and scanning

Part 1: Introducing 3D printing with tour of facilities and demo of AEB. Part 2: Introducting laser scanning with demo activity.

Week 8: computer-controlled machining + moulding and casting

Part 1: Introducing computer-controlled machining Part 2: Introducing moulding and casting


Guide: Drawing a circuit in Eagle

Workflow and tips for drawing circuits in Eagle

Guide: Finding components for a FabISP Programmer

How do you find parts for a new FabISP Programmer board?

Guide: Hello Soldering board

How does the board work, and how to solder the components

Guide: Making a mould tool using a CNC machine

Making a mould tool using a CNC machine.

Guide: Making a mould tool using a CNC machine

Making a mould tool using a CNC machine.

Guide: Milling a circuit board on the MDX-50

How to make your own boards on our milling machine.

Guide: Programming a new FabISP Programmer

How do you program a new FabISP Programmer board?

Guide: Programming an ATtiny board with a FabISP

Uploading a program to a DIY ATtiny microcontroller board through the ICSP header.

Special projects

DIY Arduino

Designing a fab-able minimal Arduino clone

I’m trying to design an Arduino-style board in the tradition of the Bueno board, but based on the simpler Arduino Uno (ATmega328p) architecture.

Designing a v0.1 board in Eagle

A first draft at a board layout for the fab-able Arduino.

First working design

I’ve arrived at a viable design, based heavily on Daniele Ingrassia’s Satshakit board.